For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.
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Q: Can I drop off my dog early for his/her grooming appointment?

A: No. Unfortunately, since we have so many dogs coming and going, to ensure that everyone obtains the best service, it’s best to bring your dog at the appointed time. However, if you have special circumstances, please contact us 48 – 72 hours or more in advance of your appointment, and we may be able to make arrangements.


Q: Do I need any special paperwork or shots for you to board my dog?

A: Yes. We will need to make sure your dog is current on all his/her vaccinations and worming. Puppies will need to have already had all their Parvo treatments. For a complete list of necessary vaccinations, contact us at 808-315-0260 or abarkabove2@gmail.com.


Q: My dog is very old and needs special attention and medications. Are you able to provide specialized care?

A: Yes. We will need specific instructions on the medications, dosages, and frequency as well as any other special instructions. We love caring for older dogs.


Q: My dog absolutely hates getting bathed. Will you be able to help?

A: Yes. We will have been grooming and bathing dogs for over TBD years, and have much experience with difficult, fussy, nervous, excited, and just plain old grumpy dogs as well as super happy and hyper dogs. We just love dogs!